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Website: Cookie technology or other similar technologies are used. on our website for website visitors Have a good experience visiting the website and help us improve the website system. that can better meet the needs of visitors


A website visitor is a person who opens a website page or reads information on a website page. no matter what page
A website system is a website operating system.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on a website visitor’s computer. when visiting the website and each time a website visitor visits any page of the website Information in cookies will be sent back to the website system for processing or will be forwarded to other websites that supports the functioning of cookies

Cookies are useful in helping the website system. can recognize the device of website visitors to provide services that are more suitable for website visitors

Cookies can perform a variety of functions, for example, to provide website visitors an optimal experience when visiting the website. for each device Remember what your website visitors love. and improve the user experience of website visitors

Additionally, cookies at can also be categorized into the following types:

Cookies necessary to use the website

These types of cookies are important in enabling website visitors to Able to use the website and its functions on our website as well as helping website visitors can access information and use the website safely If this type of cookie is not available, the website will not be able to work normally including website visitors Some services will not be available on the website.

Cookies used to store usage data

This type of cookies It is part of the cookies that are required to use the website. It is used to recognize visitors to the website and to make various settings on the website according to the behavior of the visitors to the website. These cookies are used for convenience. when visitors to the website return to the website next time, such as remembering the username and adjusting the settings according to the use of the website visitors.

Cookies used to process statistics and analyze website usage

this type of cookies used for processing the operations of the website. for the website system Understand the interests of website visitors, such as counting the number of website visitors. Counting the number of pages visited by website visitors. Processing interests and browsing behavior by website will use such information to improve the performance of the website to respond to the needs of website visitors to be able to use the website better.

Cookies used for online marketing

These types of cookies are used to collect information about the use of the website and the links that website visitors have accessed or visited. To understand the interests and behavior of visiting the website of website visitors and used to offer benefits, advertisements and public relations to suit the interests of website visitors as much as possible.

Setting and refusing cookies

website visitors You can choose to deny the functionality of cookies. on demand You can set the web browser or the privacy of website visitors. By denying the functionality of all cookies. However, website visitors Some functions on the website will not be able to be used and may cause the use of the website to be ineffective as it should be.

In addition to the privacy settings on the device or the web browser directly. website visitors Cookies can also be rejected through a notification window on the website. But if the visitor of the website refuses to use all cookies. website visitors Some functions on the website will not be available and may cause the website experience to be ineffective.

Website Terms of Service

To use the website service website visitors acknowledge that the website Different types of cookies are used. for the purposes stated above. and website system may collect, use or disclose personal information of website visitors. which is part of such cookies For the purposes stated in the website’s privacy notice.

If the website contains links to third-party websites Please note that such individuals may have their own cookie policy. We encourage all website visitors to Read their cookie policy before using them.

You will contact and the Personal Data Protection Officer?

If you have any suggestions or would like to inquire about the details of collecting, using and/or disclosing your personal information including the request to exercise the rights under this policy You can contact through the following channels

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